What is Weird Champions ?

Weird Champions is an  heroic fantasy   hand drawing  CNFT project .

How to be whitelisted ?

You can get on the whitelist in different ways: 

  • Participate in giveaways and cross giveaways on discord & twitter
  • Participate in events on our discord 
  • Stay active and present on the server, random drops will happen often

How many Trolls will be available ?

For the weird trolls collection 5888 champions (NFT) will be issued and mmintable.

How do I get a Troll ?

The pre-sale of the collection will include 333 whitelist slots dedicated to the most active and invested members of the community.
Mint will take place directly on our website.

Check the link of the site you are on before making your purchase.

Weird Trolls Whitelist sale  : 
55 ada per nft (max 10/ per wallet)
333 spots

Weird Trolls Public Sale: 
62 ADA per weird troll nft (max 10 / per wallet)
Unlimited spots

DO NOT SEND ADA FROM AN EXCHANGE. ADA must be sent from your own Cardano wallet. Beware of fake wallets! 

Why participate in the Drop ?

Participants of  the Drop will be eligible for exclusive rewards, an air drop from the « Weird Pets » collection as well as multiple benefits and giveaways from projects partenair.

Participants will also become part of the Weird Champions Community on Cardano!

When can I get Weird Trolls ?

The public sale will take place on September 3rd, 2022

What is the Weird Trolls ID ?

 ID : a927f15f4cc585a2381e0ac2b2b77d11c54dd5e4b7048cbe6cca2b1f

How do I buy ADA ?

See our guide on the discord server to understand how to do it https://discord.gg/gjvbDfbP7h

Where can I find information about the Weird Champions project ?

You can also ask questions on the discord https://discord.gg/JDRareRTQ3


twitter  https://twitter.com/_WeirdChampions

What’s next ?

Weird Champions has great ambitions about C2E (Competitive to earn) and metaverse integration so stay tuned !